Rock the stars gold

Rock the stars gold

"Feel the force of nature while you rock the stars. Spin with the world as the magic sinks in".



Earring with pink tourmaline stones



  • 925 sterling silver with 18k gold plating
  • pink tourmaline stones in different shades and sizes
  • satin finish



Tourmaline is a stone of enlightenment. It will show you how you can have power over the events that happen to you and it will keep things in perspective for you. It will make you feel grateful for all your blessings.


Tourmaline will inspire creativity and a high level of productivity. Tourmaline will bring positive energies into your life, and will protect you from destructive energies and bad vibrations. 


Tourmaline will help you look forward to the future and create the love life that you want. This stone will help you to ask for forgiveness or reconciliation in your relationship when the need arises. You will not be motivated by pride but by love and your desire for a lasting relationship.



These stunning earrings go great together with our other pieces with pink rose quartz stones such as the Miracle necklace, the Openness and Blossom golden bracelets. The ring on the picture is the Wave ring.