River stone gold

River stone gold

“If a stone can change the course of a river then what are you still waiting for to give your life direction”.



Wide ring with texture and little red garnet stones



  • 925 sterling silver with 18k gold plating
  • available in three sizes: 15,5  16,5,  18
  • little red garnet stones
  • textured ring
  • satin finish



The name garnet is derived from ‘granatus’, the Latin word for seed or grain.


Garnet is known as the Stone of Health and because of the mystical powers it has been given as a gift for all occasions for centuries. It is a protective talisman that is not only powerful but also beautiful and elegant. One of the most notable characteristics of this stone is its ability to heal and purify by cleansing your body, mind and spirit.


Having this gemstone in your life can help you better control the flow of energies that will affect you on an intellectual, emotional, and physical level. It is a stone you must have in your life if you want to achieve or regain your balance, feel safe and protected, and if you want to harness your inner strength.



Wear this ring with an organic pattern together with the Royalty golden earrings for a true Royal look. Complete your style with some Loyalty bracelets.