Medium tapestry no. 20

Authentic and handcrafted tapestry made by nomad women in the north of India. The women get their inspiration from the desert around them, mythology and from ancient tradition. The women use different vintage cloth and put it together to something new, so no new material has been used! This makes each tapestry or pillowcase unique. Every tapestry is decorated with beautiful patterns and stitching. The tapestry is made entirely by hand and it can take up to months to finish one! 
The tapestries and pillowcases are a truly interesting and special decoration for your house. Imagine a beautiful tapestry on your wall in your living room to brighten up the space! Or use it as a decoration on your sofa or as a bedspread. 
We went to north India and spend some days selecting the pieces for By Living Stories ourselves. There were so many beautiful ones and they are absolutely amazing.