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The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety

Our Collection is a unique creation, handcrafted and one of a kind.

We are inspired by myths, legends of human cultures and quotes once said by wise persons throughout history.


We believe that nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable. You are you, I am I.

Every person has their own power and we translated this uniqueness into our different designs.

A beautiful thing is never perfect.

 Perfection has its beauty by its imperfection.

Embrace your flaws.

We looked for the striking contrast between rough, edgy and raw & shiny, refined and feminine in our combinations of using different shapes, patterns, contours and textures.

Therefore our jewerly has an organic and delicate touch and will be a true joy to wear.

Quirine Engel & Mara van der Blonk photographed by Liselotte Fleur

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