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Three living stories… looking for the stories of life… By Living Stories. We believe that everything that has been told, is told through stories. Where your product comes from, where it has been made, where it ends… What is your unique story?

It all started with a small moonstone, taken by Eva from the world capital of jewels, Jaipur, India. After this, everything started and her two daughters Naomi and Camille got excited. Half year later, the three of them went to India to turn the first chapter of By Living stories into reality.

The dynamic of the culture in India, the energy and spirit of the country was really inspiring for us. We wanted to transform the real and pureness into our jewelry. This brought us to a collection that is organic, imperfect, elegant and delicate at the same time. Every piece is handmade and in some pieces rough stones have been used. The jewelry is made in a workplace where the labour conditions are taken care of properly.

We are working on a project for charity. Soon we hope to have the possibility to donate a certain amount of our profits to this charity. To return the energy. We will keep you posted about this project.

Until it becomes your story….


By Living Stories

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